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Need to Reschedule Your Wedding Due to COVID-19?
Here are some helpful tips!

After putting so much time, love and attention into planning your big day, you want to do everything you can to make sure it's still everything you've dreamed of - even if you have to reschedule. We've made a step by step list to help you through this difficult process. 

Step 1 - Wedding Insurance

- If you have wedding insurance, contact your provider to see if you qualify for coverage in this particular situation.

- If your wedding is still a few weeks, or a few months away, look into getting insurance NOW for your original date.

- Be sure to add wedding insurance to your new date once you have it set.

- For more information about wedding insurance, please see this article on RateHub.ca 

- We regret that we are unable to provide recommendations for insurance providers at this time.

Step 2 Contact All Your Vendors/Set a New Date 

- Setting a new date will be challenging. You may need to be open to alternative days of the week, and off-peak months because many couples will be looking to reschedule. 

- ERR ON THE SIDE OF CAUTION: It might be best to reschedule for late summer, fall or later, so that you don't have to push your date again. After all, the situation with COVID-19 is still unfolding, and if you have out of town/province or country guests, you should consider travel bans as well.

- Make a list of vendors that you cannot do without and contact them first in order of priority. We recommend starting with your venue(s).

       - Example of priority list: venue(s), event planner, photographer, videographer, decorator, entertainment (DJ, photo booth), make up artist and hair stylist, candy buffet and so on. 

- Contacting your key vendors & guests (wedding party, immediate families) will help you narrow down a date. If you expect that it will take some time to determine a new date, you should still notify all your vendors as soon as possible about the pending date change. Then, once you have your new date set, contact them to see if they are available for that new date. 

**Vendors will do their BEST to accommodate you, but scheduling might not work in your favour. It is crucial to remember that vendors that cannot accommodate your date change did not do so on purpose, and that they are facing hardships and upheaval as well. Refunds will be hit and miss in these uncertain times, small businesses will be in a tight spot and might not be able to provide a refund (most have clauses in their contracts for this, also). 

- Put a hold on and adjust orders for floral, and invites.

- Get contracts amended to reflect changes as soon as possible.

Step 3 - Reschedule Alterations & Rentals

- If your dress is already out for alterations, contact your seamstress and let them know about the change of date. You may need to pick up your dress if there is limited space, and drop it off again closer to your new date. 

- Most rental locations will be flexible, so be sure that you contact them well in advance of your new date to make arrangements.

Step 4 - Rethink Your Pre-Wedding Events

- Move your stag and doe/bridal shower/bachelorette/bachelor party to an online option like Zoom, Skype or Facebook Live. You can create posts for prizes where your guests can bid during or in advance of the online event. You can all enjoy some hardy beverages separately, together. Once everything settles down you can have another get together in person, but we definitely recommend trying an online alternative as well. 

Step 5 - Contact Your Guests

- Notify your guests as soon as possible, even if you don't have your new date yet. It is always best to keep them informed. Help your guests with hotel bookings and travel plans that have already been reserved and paid for if you can by calling hotels, for example, and inquiring about cancellation policies.

- The sooner you tell you guests, the more likely it will be that they can get refunds on their reservations.  

- Decide how you are going to reach each guest, and make a checklist to ensure that everyone is contacted! You could also reach out to guests that have said they wouldn't be able to make it on your original day, because they might be available on your new date!

Step 6 - Change Is Hard, Process Your Emotions

There is a lot going on right now, and there are bigger problems taking place, which only amplifies the difficulty and stress of having to reschedule your wedding and wedding related events. Reach out to a friend, and confide in your partner to work through how you're feeling. Your emotions are valid, and should be recognized. Sharing your concerns, and feelings with close friends and family will help you start to cope. 

Step 7 - Support Your Vendors

Wedding vendors are usually small businesses, and they are being hit hard during the pandemic. If you are still working, or if you are able to, try to pay whatever you can according to your original payment schedule to help support their business. For small businesses to stay afloat during this time, it is crucial that they are still bringing money in, and it would be really difficult for you and them if they have to close their business for the longterm. 

Step 8 - Do Something Special On Your Original Date

- Do something special with your partner so that you can still enjoy the day (within the limits of government mandates, of course). You might choose to enjoy a movie and wine at home, and order in. 

Step 9 - Use This Time To Further Refine Details

- Maybe there were some DIY projects that you had to let go of because you ran low on time... well here's your chance to get a jump start on all of them! And... with all that free time you might now have, you can browse Pinterest and the internet at large for more ideas about making your day extra special!